A.D. Engineering, P.A. brings many years of experience which its founder obtained through working with a multitude of projects at many civil engineering consulting firms. With this knowledge and experience, the best ideas and strategies that each company possessed were taken and then conglomerated into an overall effective strategy to more efficiently fit a client's needs.
A.D. Engineering, P.A. has been created to save a client time, money, and stress. Due to the multitude of skills that our firm possesses, project costs will be much lower while production time will be significantly shortened. We use the latest technology and are able to adapt to  upcoming technologies.
The benefits that can be received by choosing  A.D. Engineering, P.A. as your Civil Engineering Consultant are:
† Lower Project Design and Permit Costs !
† Shorter Project Production Time !
† Only One Point of Contact !
† Use of  State of the Art Technology !
† Great Communication !
† Able to think outside the box !
† Save on  Construction Costs !
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P.O.  BOX  292038  TAMPA, FLORIDA  33687     
Cell (813) 579-7254    Office (813) 868-0339    Fax (813) 868-0055
email: daniel@adengineeringpa.com
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